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Additional Facilities & Information

Electricity Installation

($50/1KW │ $60/24hrs 1KW, VAT excluded)

  • A. Exhibition halls’ electric supplies are single phase current 220V and three phase current 220V. If 110V is needed, the participant must bring AVR or down transformer separately
  • B. All booths are equipped with 1KW electricity for 1 fluorescent lamp and 4 spotlights. If additional equipment are necessary, additional electricity must be applied.

    During construction, if applied equipment’s electricity capacity is exceed, additional application must be made. This is to ensure safety and prevent safety hazards from happening, where if fire or damage occurs due to overcurrent, the participant must reimburse for damages done to the secretariat, exhibition hall, or damaged participants.

  • C. When using sensitive electronical equipment, safety measures must be installed.
    Electrical supplies will automatically shut down 30 minutes after closure of the exhibition.

    ★ If using refrigerator or fridge, 24 hours electricity must be applied to the secretariat.

  • D. If multi plugs are used, fire might occur due to overload.
    For safety purposes, when proceeding with any electrical installation, it must be done through authorized contractor by the secretariat.


($150/1 Port, VAT excluded)

  • A. Separate IP address will be given per port, IP address tags will be attached to the circuit.
  • B. T1 class LAN will be supplied.
  • C. Detailed information is included in application form.
  • D. $150/1 port, VAT excluded

Water and Drainage / Compressed Air

($150/1 Line, VAT excluded)

  • A. Water and Drainage / Compressed Air is installed to desired position (Inform secretariat of the desired position)

Equipment Rental / Fridge & Refrigerator Rental

  • A. Other than free equipment, if additional equipment are needed, please refer to the catalog and apply to secretariat.
  • B. In case of Fridge & Refrigerator rental, please refer to Fridge & Refrigerator catalog and apply to secretariat.
  • C. Rentals will be stationed at May 8th 2021 at 14:00. After exhibition, rentals will be collected during dismantlement of the booths.
  • D. Rentals require additional payment and services are executed by different contractors.
    The secretariat will do their best to arrange everything in place.

Introduction of the Exhibition Center

  • A. Location : Hall A, 1st Floor, COEX, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, 06164
  • B. Floor load capability : 1.5 Ton/sqm
  • C. Loading Dock : 6M x 8M(height), only vehicles under 2.5 Tons can enter
  • D. Limits on height in the hall : Please leave an inquiry to the secretariat
  • E. Electricity supply : 220V, 60Hz, Single Phase/22V, 60Hz, Three phase/380V, 60Hz