Seoul Int'l Home Meal Replacement Show

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Show Info

The world's first HMR specialized trade show

Seoul Int'l HMR Show 2022

Don't hesitate to enter this huge market!

Seoul Int'l HMR Show 2022

Title Seoul Int'l Home Meal Replacement Show 2022
Period May 18th (Wed.) – 20th (Fri.), 2022
Venue COEX Hall A, Seoul Korea
Scale 90 Companies, 200 Booths
Organizer B2EXPO, Ecomice
Sponsor KOCA


  • Exhibition Space

    Different themed exhibition spaces

  • Space for Buyers Only

    Isolated space exclusive for
    buyer meetings

  • Special Event Zone

    Captivating event coordinated by
    the organizer and exhibitors

Exhibits Profile

  • 01 Megabrand
  • 02 Staple HMR
  • 03 Frozen Instant Food
  • 04 Environment-Friendly
    Healthy Food
  • 05 Ingredients
  • 06 Silver/Baby
    Premium Food
  • 07 Cereal Bakery Snacks
  • 08 Meat/Seafood
    Processed Products

Visitors Profile

  • Purchasing Managers and Category Managers
  • Buyers and MDs
  • Food wholesaling and exporting team
  • HMR Overseas Distributors
  • Proprietors and Owners of HMR
  • Consumers
  • New technology development team including food tech
  • Food related media and students